OS Installation

Click the OS Installation tab in the left pane to enter the OS Installation interface. The OS Installation interface provides a configuration wizard for installing an operating system.

  • If you want to configure RAID settings before installing an operating system, it is recommended to do the configuration in the RAID Setup interface. If you do the configuration in UEFI Setup, you must restart your server before installing the operating system to ensure that the RAID configuration takes effect.

  • Before installing an operating system, if any disk drive is configured as part of a RAID array, go to UEFI Setup > System Settings > Devices and I/O Ports to check the setting of Onboard SATA Mode. If AHCI is selected, change it into RAID.

Figure 1. OS Installation interface
OS Installation interface

There are two types of installation for your selection:
  • Guided Install: Install an operating system and device drivers in an unattended mode.

  • Manual Install: Install an operating system and device drivers manually.

  • The Microsoft® Windows Server® version 1803 operating system is not supported by some Lenovo servers. For detailed information about the operating system compatibility with Lenovo servers, go to:https://lenovopress.com/osig

  • The device drivers installed with the operating system are not complete. To view the complete list of the supported device drivers, refer to the readme files included in the Windows® Driver Bundle update package and Linux® Driver Bundle update package. To download the update packages, go to:http://datacentersupport.lenovo.com