FQXST0003M : The specified disk group went offline.

The specified disk group went offline.





Automatically Notify Support


User Response

  1. You might be able to use the CLI trust command to recover some of the data in the disk group. Contact Support for help to determine if the trust operation applies to your situation and for assistance in using the command. You can also view the help for the trust command.
  2. If you choose to not use the trust command, perform these steps:
    1. Replace the failed disk or disks. (Look for event 8 in the event log to determine which disks failed and for advice on replacing them.)
    2. Delete the disk group (use the remove disk-groups CLI command).
    3. Re-create the disk group (use the add disk-group CLI command).
  3. To prevent this problem in the future, use a fault-tolerant RAID level, configure one or more disks as spare disks, and replace failed disks promptly.