Setting threshold preferences for generating alerts and events

You can set threshold preferences for raising an alert and event when a certain value, such as the life of an SSD in a ThinkSystem or ThinkServer server, exceeds a warning or critical level.


Complete the following steps to forward specific service files to the service provider.

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Monitoring > Alerts to display the Alerts page.
  2. Click the Threshold Settings icon (Associate a configuration file icon) to display the Threshold Settings dialog.
  3. Modify the warning or critical thresholds for the remaining life of SSDs in ThinkSystem and ThinkServer servers.

    Remaining life of SSDs is calculated using vendor SMART counters. The default values are 30% for the warning threshold and 20% for the critical threshold.

  4. Select the Enabled toggle to generate an alert and event when each threshold is reached.
  5. Click Apply.