Configuring CMM failover

When you install a second CMM in a chassis, the second CMM is automatically configured as a standby CMM by default. If the primary CMM fails, the IP address for the standby CMM changes to the same IP address that was used for the primary CMM, and standby CMM takes over the management of the chassis. However, you can perform more advanced failover configuration from the management controller web interface for the chassis.

About this task

For example, you can choose to:

For more information about CMM advanced failover capabilities, see the advfailover command in the CMM online documentation.


To enable swappable IP address for the primary and standby CMMs, complete the following steps.

  1. From the management controller web interface for the chassis, click Mgt Module Management > Network > Ethernet to display the Ethernet Configuration page.
  2. Select either IPv4 and IPv6 for your system.
  3. Under Configure IP address, select the option to use a static IP address. Repeat for the other protocol.
  4. Click Mgt Module Management > Properties > Advanced Failover, and enable the advance failover option.
  5. Select Swap Management Module IP address.
  6. Perform test scenarios to verify that the failover works correctly and that Lenovo XClarity Administrator can connect to primary and backup CMMs.