SAS device miswire

The storage array contains an improper connection between two Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) ports. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the Recovery Steps.

  • Depending on the nature of the miswire, you may not have redundant access to the drive trays. A controller failure could result in a loss of access to your data. You should correct this problem as soon as possible.

  • The Details area provides information about the type of miswire that was detected. The miswire types are: invalid SAS topology, ESM Miswire, and Host Channel Miswire.

  • Refer to the following for additional help to diagnose your miswire problem:

    • Invalid SAS Topology - This miswire condition occurs when you connect the Out ports of two ESMs in different drive trays. You should only connect Out ports of an ESM to an In port of an ESM in a different tray.

    • ESM Miswire - This miswire condition occurs when you connect the Out port of an ESM to the In port of the other ESM in the same tray. You should not connect ESMs in the same tray together.

    • Host Channel Miswire - This miswire condition occurs when you connect a Host Channel to another port on the controller/drive tray or a port on another drive tray. You should only connect Host Channels to an appropriate HBA or other external device.

Recovery Steps

  1. Use the information provided in the Recovery Guru Details area to determine which port is the origin of the miswire. Using this information, trace the cable that is attached to the miswired channel or port to the connector on the other end.

  2. Refer to your cabling documentation originally shipped with your controller/drive tray to reconnect the cable to the appropriate port. It may be necessary for you to reconnect more than one cable in order to have a valid configuration.

    Once you have a valid cabling configuration, go to step 3.

  3. Click the Recheck button to rerun the Recovery Guru. The failure should no longer appear in the Summary area. If the failure is not cleared, try to power-cycle ALL of the components involved in the miswire again. If the failure still persists, contact your Technical Support Representative.