Storage array in recovery mode

The storage array is in recovery mode.

This problem occurs for the following reasons:

  • When a storage array configuration has been cleared, the storage array is operational but any configuration objects (pools, volume groups, volumes, etc.) have been removed.

  • To restore a configuration, you can use either the on-board backup (OBB) database or a file that is saved periodically on the storage array. The OBB is the best source because it is the most up-to-date. The file that is save periodically could be several hours old and may not contain all of the latest configuration changes.

  • The OBB is an up-to-date backup of the storage array configuration and contains the information needed to restore the configuration. When restoring from the OBB, the highest generation number represents the OBB that is the most current. The Details area provides the necessary information that will help in choosing a restore option.

  • In most cases, the generation number for each OBB will be the same. If the numbers are the same, then the configuration that is restored will be the same regardless of the OBB you choose. If the generation numbers are not the same, you should perform the restore operation using the OBB with the highest generation number. This ensures that you are restoring the most up-to-date configuration.

  • Even after the configuration is restored, the storage array will continue to be in a recovery mode until you clear it.

Risk of data loss

Before clearing the recovery mode state, ensure that you don't want to restore the previous configuration. Once you clear the recovery mode state, you will lose your previous configuration and the on-board backup (OBB) database will reset to the current storage array configuration. If you want to attempt to restore the configuration, contact your Technical Support Engineer.

Recovery Steps

  1. Did you intentionally clear the storage array configuration?

    • If yes, go to step 2.

    • If no, do not proceed. Contact your Technical Support Engineer for assistance.

  2. Clear the recovery mode, and then go to step 3.

    1. Go to Support > Support Center. Then, select the Diagnostics tab

    2. Select the Clear Recovery Mode link.

    3. Go to step 3.

  3. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.