Controller drive channel degraded

A drive channel status was set to degraded because of excessive I/O errors or because it was manually set to degraded as instructed by a Technical Support Engineer for diagnostic or other support reasons.

  • It is important to correct this failure as soon as possible. The drives are still operational, but a level of path redundancy has been lost. If the other channel to the drives fails, then the drives themselves could be failed.

  • You must contact your Technical Support Engineer to correct this failure. Do NOT attempt to fix this problem yourself.

  • If a Loss Of Path Redundancy problem is also being reported in the Problems area, make sure to report this to the Technical Support Engineer.

Possible loss of data accessibility

Before proceeding, ensure that the "OK to remove" field in the Details area indicates Yes. If No is displayed, it indicates that there is another component that must be serviced first. Always select "Recheck" prior to and after servicing a component to ensure that there aren't any new problems that may affect the component you plan to service.

Recovery Steps

  1. Manually collect support data from the storage array.

    1. Go to Support > Support Center.

    2. Select the Diagnostics tab.

    3. Select the Collect Support Data link to save the support data to a file.

  2. Contact your Technical Support Engineer using the information in the upper right-corner of the Support Center.