Controller drive channel failed

  • You will need to replace the controller that has the failed drive channel.

  • If the controller you are replacing contains a battery, you may need to insert the battery from the failed controller canister into the replacement controller canister. Consult your hardware documentation for details.

Possible loss of data accessibility

Before proceeding, ensure that the "OK to remove" field in the Details area indicates Yes. If No is displayed, it indicates that there is another component that must be serviced first. Always select "Recheck" prior to and after servicing a component to ensure that there aren't any new problems that may affect the component you plan to service.

Electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive components

Always use proper anti-static protection when handling components. Touching components without using a grounding wrist strap may damage equipment.

Recovery Steps

  1. Manually place the controller offline.

    1. Go to Hardware.

    2. Highlight the affected controller shown in the Details area and then select Place Offline. Note that you may have to flip the shelf to the back view to see the controllers.

  2. Read all of the following steps before taking any action. Step b will no longer be accessible after you complete step a.

    1. Select Recheck. An Offline Controller problem should now be reported in the Problems area.

    2. Complete the recovery steps for the Offline Controller problem to replace the controller.