Controller removed

The controller cannot be removed.

Important: As the volumes that were originally owned by the affected controller have been moved to the alternate controller, some volumes may also be reporting a Volume Not on Preferred Path problem as a result of this problem.
Possible loss of data accessibility

The storage array does not have redundant controllers. The storage array will continue to operate with the remaining controller. However, failure of the remaining controller will result in a loss of access to the storage array.

Recovery Steps

  1. If this problem occurred because you were instructed to remove the controller in the Recovery Steps of a different problem, then disregard this problem and continue with the Recovery Steps for the other problem.

  2. Re-insert the controller back into its original bay, and then reconnect the cables.

  3. Wait until the controller appears in the Hardware view, and then check that the controller is Optimal.

    1. Go to the Hardware.

    2. Highlight the affected controller shown in the Details area. The controller is located on the backside of the controller shelf.

    3. Select View Settings. The controller's status is located in the Controller section.

    Is the controller Optimal?

    • If yes, go to step 4.

    • If no, highlight the controller and select Place online. Then, go to step 4.

  4. Redistribute all volumes back to their preferred owner.

    1. Go to Storage > Volumes.

    2. Select Redistribute volumes under More.

  5. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.