Degraded drive channel

A drive channel status was set to Degraded because of excessive I/O errors or because a Technical Support Representative advised the storage array's administrator to set the drive channel status for diagnostic or other support reasons. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

  • It is important to correct this failure as soon as possible. The drives are still operational, but a level of path redundancy has been lost. If the other channel to the drives fails, then the drives themselves could be failed.

  • You must contact your Technical Support Representative to correct this failure. DO NOT attempt to fix this problem yourself.

  • If a "Loss Of Path Redundancy" failure is also being reported in the Recovery Guru Summary area, you MUST fix this failure first; otherwise, you could lose both paths to the drives.

  • DO NOT set the drive channel to Optimal until you have consulted with your Technical Support Representative.

Recovery Steps

  1. Check the Summary area to see if there is a "Loss Of Path Redundancy" failure being reported. If this failure is being reported, fix it first before going to step 2.

  2. Select the Monitor > Health > Collect Support Data Manually menu option from the Array Management Window and take the appropriate steps to save the support data to a .zip file.

  3. Contact your Technical Support Representative and indicate that a "Degraded Drive Channel" problem is being reported. Send your representative the file you saved in step 2 and wait for further instruction.