Drawer open or missing

A drawer has been opened or removed from a drive shelf.

  • If the drawer is Open, then I/O will continue.

  • If the drawer has been removed, then any volume groups or disk pools associated with the drives in the drawer will be affected (they may appear as Partially Complete, Incomplete, or Missing).

Risk of unsafe operating temperature

An open or removed drawer may cause the shelf to reach an unsafe operating temperature and shut down. Always resolve an open or missing problem as soon as possible.

Recovery Steps

  1. Has the drawer shown in the Details area been removed from the shelf?

    • If yes, contact your Technical Support Engineer. Do NOT attempt to reattach the drawer yourself.

    • If no, close the drawer carefully and firmly to ensure it is latched into the closed position, and then go to step 2.

  2. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.