Impending drive failure - unassigned or standby hot spare

An unassigned drive or standby hot spare is reporting internal errors that could cause the drive to fail.

  • If the affected drive is an unassigned drive, it will not be available for volume group or disk pool configuration.

  • If the affected drive is a standby hot spare, it will not be available to take over for a failed drive.

  • Because the drive has not failed, its fault indicator light will not be turned on.

  • Make sure the replacement drive has a capacity equal to or greater than the drive you will remove.

  • You can replace the drive while the storage array is receiving I/O.

Electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive components

Always use proper antistatic protection when handling components. Touch the components without using a proper ground may damage the equipment.

Recovery Steps

  1. Remove the drive identified in the Details area.

  2. Wait 30 seconds, then insert the new drive. Its fault indicator light may be lit for a short time (one minute or less).

  3. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.