Unrecoverable interrupted write

The process of recovering from an interrupted write has failed. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

Risk of Data Loss. Recovery from this problem is a complicated procedure that if done incorrectly could result in the loss of data. Therefore, you should not attempt to perform any recovery steps without the help of your Technical Support Representative.
  • An interrupted write occurs when power fails or a controller resets while there is data still in cache.

  • Normally, when the controller goes through its initialization, the data still in cache is written to the volumes.

  • An unrecoverable interrupted write occurs when the controller cannot successfully write the data to one or more of the volumes because the disk pool or volume group has failed during initialization. The disk pool or volume group has been placed Offline and its associated drives have either been failed or placed Offline. Typically, with an unrecoverable interrupted write, only the volumes where the interrupted write occurred will lose data.

Recovery Steps

  1. Select the Monitor > Health > Collect Support Data Manually menu option from the Array Management Window, and take the appropriate steps to save the support data to a .zip file.

  2. Contact your Technical Support Representative and indicate that an "Unrecoverable Interrupted Write" problem is being reported. Send the file you saved in step 1 to your representative and wait for further instruction.