Failed I2C bus

A failed midplane or midplane element within a drive tray or a controller drive tray has been detected. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

  • When you turn on the power to a tray or hot-plug a component, the storage array checks for compatibility among components such as controllers, power supplies, drive trays, and controller-drive trays. To support the check, data is transmitted across three Inter-IC (I2C) busses. Two of the I2C busses are used to read data from and write data to two Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) chips on the midplane. If communication on both of these I2C busses fails, both controllers lock down.

  • During a lockdown for an I2C bus failure, the controllers are in a Suspended state, the Controller and Summary Fault LEDs come on, and the seven-segment display shows the code Ln.

  • If only one I2C bus fails, the Major Event Log records data about the problem, but the controller does not lock down.

Recovery Steps

  1. Select the Monitor > Health > Collect Support Data Manually menu option from the Array Management Window, and take the appropriate steps to save the support data to a .zip file.

  2. Contact your Technical Support Representative, and indicate that a "Failed I2C Bus" problem is being reported. The representative will ask you to send the file that you saved.

  3. The representative will help you obtain the appropriate midplane replacement kit or drive cage replacement kit. The procedures for replacing the midplane may differ for different trays. Follow the instructions that come with the replacement kit.