Drive security key mismatch

The drive security key information does not match between the two controllers and the database on the drives. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

  • This problem occurs when power is disrupted during the creation of the drive security key before both controllers' configuration settings (NVSRAM) and the database on the drives are completely updated with the drive security information. While the power was off, one of the controllers was replaced. When the power was restored and the storage array completed the startup operations, the drive security information no longer matches among the controllers and the database on the drives.

  • You can fix this problem by changing the drive security key.

  • If the Drive Security menu is not visible in the Storage Array top-level menu, ensure that one of the following conditions is met:

    • The "Drive Security" and "Enterprise Security Key Manager" premium features are enabled on the storage array.

    • At least one of the drives in the storage array is secure-enabled.

Recovery Steps

  1. Select the Storage Array > Security > Drive Security > Change Key menu option.

  2. Complete the instructions in the dialog to change the security key and to save it to a file.

  3. Click the Recheck button to rerun the Recovery Guru. The problem should no longer appear in the Summary area. If the problem appears again, contact your Technical Support Representative.