SAS loop – improper connection (miswire)

There is a loop in one of the storage array's drive channels resulting in one or more component's drive channel ports being discovered more than once.

  • Refer to the cabling documentation for the storage array's controller and drive shelves for more information on valid cabling configurations.

  • It may be necessary for you to reconnect more than one cable in order to have a valid configuration.

  • To prevent the SAS ports from being discovered more than once, one or more drive channel ports in or above the loop have been disabled.

Recovery Steps

  1. Trace the drive channel cables from both controllers and reconfigure the cables such that there is not more than one possible path, either direct or indirect, between any two components in the storage array.

  2. Re-enable the disabled SAS drive channel ports.

    1. Go to Support > Support Center. Then, select the Diagnostics tab.

    2. Select the Re-enable Drive Ports link located in the View and/or take action on my current storage array status section.

  3. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved. If this problem still appears in the Problems area, go to step 4.

  4. Power-cycle ALL of the components involved in the miswire.

  5. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.