Pool preservation capacity in use

One or more drives in a pool have failed. Because there is no more free capacity in the pool, the pool's preservation capacity has been used to reconstruct the failed drive's contents.

  • When a pool is created, capacity from the pool is reserved to allow for the reconstruction of failed drives. This preservation capacity represents the minimum number of drive failures that can be reconstructed to the pool's remaining drives.

  • If a drive in the pool fails and there is at least one drive's worth of free capacity in the pool, the free capacity will be used to reconstruct the failed drive's contents instead of the preservation capacity.

  • If there are less than 11 non-failed drives in the pool when a drive fails, preservation capacity will be used to reconstruct the failed drive instead of the pool's free capacity.

Risk of data loss

Once all of the pool's preservation capacity is used, the pool will no longer be able to reconstruct failed drives. If this problem is not corrected before more drives in the pool fail, data loss could occur.

Recovery Steps

  1. Are any Drive in Pool Failed problems being reported in the Problems area for drives that are members of the pool shown in the Details area?

    • If yes, replace the failed drives using the recovery steps in the Drive in Pool Failed procedure listed in the Problems area. This should fix this problem as well.

    • If no, go to step 2.

  2. Manually collect support data from the storage array.

    1. Go to Support > Support Center. Then, select the Diagnostics tab.

    2. Select the Collect Support Data link to save the support data to a file.

  3. Contact your Technical Support Engineer using the information in the upper right-corner of the Support Center.