Power supply not supported

  • Depending on the model of your storage array, the power supply may be either be located inside of a power supply canister or inside of a power-fan canister. Refer to the Component requiring service field in the Details area to determine this.

  • If a power supply is located inside a power-fan canister, be aware that removing the power-fan canister affects both the cooling of the storage array and also one of its power sources.

Possible loss of data accessibility

The storage array does not have redundant power. The storage array will continue to operate with the remaining power supply. However, failure of the remaining power supply will result in a loss of access to the storage array.

Before proceeding, ensure that the OK to remove field in the Details area indicates Yes. If No is displayed, it indicates that there is another component that must be serviced first. Always select Recheck prior to and after servicing a component to ensure that there aren't any new problems that may affect the component you plan to service.

Electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive components

Always use proper anti-static protection when handling components. Touching components without using a grounding wrist strap may damage equipment.

Recovery Steps

  1. Remove the component identified in the Component requiring service and the Location field in the Details area.

  2. Check the part number of the removed component to ensure that you have a proper replacement component.

  3. Insert the new power supply firmly into place. Its fault indicator may stay lit for a short time (one minute or less).

  4. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.