Native volume group and foreign drive refer to each other

A Partially Complete Volume Group considers a foreign drive to be a member of the volume group and the foreign drive also considers itself a member of the Partially Complete Volume Group. A foreign drive is a drive that has been exported from this storage array or not yet completely imported into the storage array. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

Electronic discharge can damage sensitive components. Always use proper antistatic protection when handling components. Touching components without using a proper ground may damage the equipment.
  • This problem usually results because you forced an import of a volume group (from a different storage array into this storage array) while it was missing a drive, and then you inserted the missing drive into the storage array after you forced the import.

  • The affected volume group will be in a Partially Complete state until you fix this problem. Any additional drive failures could result in loss of access to the volume group data.

  • To resolve this problem, you will need to remove the foreign drive and then assign a local drive to take the place of the foreign drive in order to make the volume group Optimal. Follow the Recovery Steps below to fix the problem.

  • Once you have completed the Recovery Steps, you will have fixed the logical problem for the volume group. However, if you reinsert the foreign drive, the storage array might report a different problem if the drive still has a logical problem (for example, the drive might still consider itself part of the volume group). If this scenario occurs, follow the Recovery Steps for the other problem to fix the drive's logical problem.

  • You can remove the drive while the storage array is receiving I/O.

Recovery Steps

  1. Refer to the Details area to find which drive slot is reporting the foreign drive.

  2. Remove the foreign drive.

    The affected volume group transitions to a Partially Complete Volume Group state because it has a Missing drive instead of a reference to a Foreign drive.

  3. Important: Read all of the following steps thoroughly or click the Save As button before taking action, because you will lose access to these Recovery Steps once you click Recheck.
    1. Click Recheck to rerun the Recovery Guru.

    2. Select the "Partially Complete Volume Group" problem in the Summary area.

    3. Complete the Recovery Steps for this problem to transition the volume group to an Optimal state.

      Note: Choose the option in the Recovery Steps that explains how to replace the missing drive using the Replace Drives dialog.