Controller removed

A controller was removed from the controller tray. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

  • This storage array is configured to use dual controllers, therefore you should re-insert the controller as soon as you can in order to ensure proper redundancy. Any problem that may arise with the other controller could result in loss of access to your data.

  • The volumes that were originally owned by the affected controller have been moved to the alternate controller. Therefore, the Summary area may also display a Volume Not on Preferred Path problem. Complete the "Controller Removed" Recovery Steps first, and the "Volume Not on Preferred Path" problem will be resolved automatically. The volumes will be automatically redistributed back to the controller that owns them when the controller is re-inserted and placed Online. This redistribution will not occur if the controller is placed Offline and then Online.

  • If this problem occurred because you were instructed to remove the controller in the Recovery Steps of a different problem, then disregard this problem and continue with the Recovery Steps for the other problem.

Recovery Steps

  1. Re-insert the controller back into its original slot.

  2. If the controller was in a non-optimal state prior to it's removal, then you will need to place it online and redistribute the volumes manually. Refer to the online help for further assistance. Otherwise, if the controller was optimal prior to it's removal, then it should transition to an online state and the volumes will be redistributed automatically. Go to step 3.

  3. Click the Recheck button to rerun the Recovery Guru. The failure should no longer appear in the Summary area. If the failure appears again, contact your technical support representative.