Snapshot image purged

A snapshot image was purged. This problem occurs when reserved capacity for the associated snapshot group becomes full and the policy for the group is to purge the oldest snapshot images, or when the amount of data written to the source volume in an online copy operation exceeds the copy operation's reserved capacity.

  • If there is also a "Snapshot Group or Member Volume - Reserved Capacity Full" problem reported in the Problems area, fix that problem to avoid re-occurrence of this problem.

  • When a snapshot image is purged, the following occurs: (1) It is no longer usable; it cannot be used to create a snapshot volume nor can be used for a rollback operation and (2) All existing snapshot volumes associated with the snapshot image will be disabled.

Recovery Steps

  1. Check the associated with volume copy field in the Details area to determine if the affected snapshot image was associated with a volume copy operation.

    • If the snapshot is associated with a volume copy operation, do not continue with these recovery steps. Select the Failed Copy Operation problem from the Problems area and use the associated recovery steps to fix the failed volume copy operation. This should fix this problem as well.

    • If the snapshot is not associated with a volume copy operation (that is, it is a standard snapshot image), go to step 2.

  2. Delete the snapshot image.

    1. Go to Storage > Snapshots. Then, select the Images tab.

    2. Highlight the affected snapshot image shown in the Details area.

    3. Select Delete.

  3. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.