Snapshot image rollback paused

  • This problem may occur if there are problems with the snapshot image's associated base volume, one or more of the repository volumes associated with the reserved capacity for the snapshot image, or the associated group (snapshot group or consistency group).

  • You cannot delete a snapshot image while the rollback is paused. You must correct the condition that caused the rollback to be paused so that the rollback can complete.

Recovery Steps

  1. Are there any problems being reported in the Problems area that are related to the objects associated with the snapshot image shown in the Details area (see the first important note above)?

    • If yes, go to step 2.

    • If no, go to step 3.

  2. Can the other problems reported be fixed without data loss?

    • If yes, fix the other problems. Then, go to step 3.

    • If no, do NOT continue with the remaining recovery steps. Contact your Technical Support Engineer.

  3. Go to Storage > Snapshots. Then, select the Images tab.

  4. Highlight the affected snapshot image shown in the Details area and then select Resume under Rollback.

  5. Select Recheck to ensure the problem has been resolved.