Thermal shutdown

The maximum temperature of the drive tray has been exceeded. Either a fan has failed, an obstruction is blocking the airflow to the tray or from the tray, or the temperature of the room is too high. The Recovery Guru Details area provides specific information that you will need as you follow the recovery steps.

Loss of data access. This condition is critical and causes the tray to shut down. Data access cannot be restored until the problem is resolved.
  • The Nominal Temperature Exceeded and Maximum Temperature Exceeded conditions normally appear before a thermal shutdown occurs.

  • Refer to the applicable hardware documentation for more information about the temperature specifications of the tray and about how the tray handles over-temperature conditions.

Recovery Steps

  1. On the Hardware tab in the Array Management Window, select the affected tray's 'View Tray Components' link. Then, select the temperature sensor button in the drive tray components window. Check the status of the temperature sensor.

    If... Then...
    The component's status is unknown. Search the Recovery Guru Summary area for an ESM failure entry. If you find an entry, perform the recovery steps for the Failed ESM entry.

    Go to step 3.

    The component's status is not unknown. Go to step 2.
  2. Check for power-fan canister failures that are reported in the Recovery Guru Summary area.

    If... Then...
    There are power-fan canister failures being reported. Select the failure and use the associated procedure to fix the failed power-fan canister.

    Go to step 3.

    There are no power-fan canister failures being reported. Check the tray and remove any obstructions that might be blocking the air intakes or outlets. If no obstructions are found, correct any potential room cooling problems.

    Go to step 3.

  3. Click the Recheck button to rerun the Recovery Guru. The failure should no longer appear in the Summary area. If the failure appears again, contact your Technical Support Representative.