lenovoMgrAlert.mib file

This management information base (MIB) file describes the SNMP traps that Lenovo XClarity Administrator generates. You can compile this MIB file in any SNMP trap manager so that the SNMP traps that are sent from Lenovo XClarity Administrator can be rendered meaningfully.

For Lenovo XClarity Administrator v1.3 and later, you can download the MIB file from the web interface by clicking Monitoring > Event Forwarding from the menu bar, clicking the Create icon (Create icon), selecting SNMP for the event-forwarder type, and then clicking Download MIB File at the bottom of the dialog.

The following objects are included in all outgoing SNMP traps. Additional objects might be included in some SNMP traps. All objects are described in the MIB file.
Note: This list might differ for earlier releases of Lenovo XClarity Administrator.
  • mgrTrapSystemName
  • mgrTrapDateTime
  • mgrTrapAppId
  • mgrTrapTxtId
  • mgrTrapSysContact
  • mgrTrapSysLocation
  • mgrTrapID
  • mgrTrapSeverity
  • mgrTrapEvtID
  • mgrTrapMsgID
  • mgrTrapMsgText
  • mgrTrapEventClass
  • mgrTrapUserid
  • mgrTrapService
  • mgrTrapUuid
  • mgrTrapSN
  • mgrTrapMtm
  • mgrTrapSrcLoc
  • mgrTrapSrcName
  • mgrTrapSrcIP
  • mgrTrapFailFRUs
  • mgrTrapFailSNs