Accessing Lenovo XClarity Administrator after an external LDAP server failure

If you are using an external LDAP authentication server and that server fails or is not available, use the following procedure to recover access to the Lenovo XClarity Administrator web interface by using the local authentication server on the management node.


To change the LDAP client setting, complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the XClarity Administrator web interface using a user account with lxc-recovery authority. For more information about the client domain name, see Setting up an external LDAP authentication server.
  2. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Security.
  3. Click LDAP Client under the Users and Groups section to display the LDAP Client dialog.
  4. Select Allow logons from local users for the user authentication method to enable local management of user accounts. When this option is selected, all user accounts exist locally on the management server.
  5. Click Apply.


You can now use the user accounts in the local authentication server to access the XClarity Administrator management server. After your external authentication server is restored and available to the management server, you can change the LDAP client setting back to the external authentication server.