User interface tips and techniques

Consider these tips and techniques when using the Lenovo XClarity Administrator user interface

Viewing more or less data per page

You can change the number of rows that are displayed per page using the links on the bottom right of the table. You can display 10, 25, 50, or All rows

Finding data in large lists

There are several ways to display a subset of a large list based on specific criteria.

Viewing column data

If the column size prevents all information from displaying in the table cell (indicated by an ellipsis), you can view the complete information in a popup by hovering over text in the cell.

Configure table columns

You can configure tables to show information that is important to you.

Changing the language of the user interface

You have an option to set the language of the user interface when you first log in.

After you are logged in, you can change the language of the user interface by clicking the user-actions menu(Resources icon), and then clicking Change language. Select the language that you want to display.

Note: The help system displays in the same language that is set for the user interface

Getting help

XClarity Orchestrator offers several ways to get help with the user interface.
  • Some pages provide additional details about a specific field or status using Help icons (Help icon). Hover the cursor over the icon to display a pop-up with helpful information.

  • To get help about how to perform specific actions from the user interface, click the user-actions menu (Resources icon) and then click Help.