What's new in version 1.0.2

Lenovo XClarity Administrator management software version 1.0.2 supports new hardware, software enhancements, and fixes.

Additional device support

Version 1.0.2 supports the following new devices:
  • Servers

    • x360 M5 Compute Node Type 5465
For support and limitations information for manageable devices (such as servers, switches, storage, and CMMs) and other I/O devices and options, see the following compatibility pages for each device type:


Refer to the change history file (*.chg) that is provided in the update package for information about fixes.

Software enhancements

Version 1.0.2 supports the following enhancements to the management software.
Function Description
Security When changing cryptographic settings, a progress dialog is displayed that shows the progress of provisioning the settings to each managed device (see Configuring cryptography settings).
Inventory details You can view the Feature on Demand (FoD) unique IDs for components that are installed in the managed server from the Inventory Details page for that server (see Viewing Features on Demand keys).
Event forwarding For e-mail notifications, each e-mail that is forwarded now includes a URL that links directly to the XClarity Administrator event log for the device that surfaced the alert. This enhancement makes it faster and easier to get more details about the event.
LDAP client setup You can specify any client name that is supported by the LDAP server, including a distinguished name, sAMAccountName, NetBIOS name, or UserPrincipalName (see Setting up an external LDAP authentication server).
REST APIs For information about new and updated REST APIs, see Summary of changes in the REST API.