What's new in version 1.1.1

Lenovo XClarity Administrator management software version 1.1.1 supports new hardware, software enhancements, and fixes.

Additional hardware support

Version 1.1.1 supports the following new hardware:
  • Servers and appliances

    • Converged HX3310 (8693)

    • Converged HX5510 (8695)

    • Converged HX7510 (8695)

    • NeXtScale nx360 M4, Type 5455

    • NeXtScale sd350 M5, Type 5493

    • System dx360 M4, Type 7912, 7913

    • System x3250 M6, Type 3633, 3943
    • System x3300 M4, Type 7382

    • System x3500 M4, Type 7383

    • System x3530 M4, Type 7160

    • System x3550 M4, Type 7914

    • System x3630 M4, Type 7158, 7159

    • System x3650 M4, Type 5460, 5466, 7915

    • System x3750 M4, Type 8718, 8722, 8733, 8752, 8753

    • System x3250 M5, Type 5458

    • System x3850, x3950 X5, Type 7143, 7145

    • System x3850, x3950 X6 Type 3837

For support and limitations information for manageable devices (such as servers, switches, storage, and CMMs) and other I/O devices and options, see the following compatibility pages for each device type:


Refer to the change history file (*.chg) that is provided in the update package for information about fixes.

Software enhancements

Version 1.1.1 supports the following enhancements to the management software.
Function Description
Planning Updated firmware requirements for RackSwitch switches (see Supported firmware).
Server configuration For scalable systems (such as Flex System x280, x480, and x880 Compute Nodes and System x3850 and x3950 servers), you are no longer required to set up automatic or custom partitioning using the baseboard management controller before deploying a server pattern to the partition.
Operating-system deployment The following operating systems are now supported: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Server 7.2 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP1 (see Supported operating systems).
PowerShell cmdlets For information about new and updated PowerShell cmdlets, see Summary of changes in the PowerShell toolkit.
REST API For information about new and updated REST APIs, see Summary of changes in the REST API.