What's new in version 1.4.1

Lenovo XClarity Administrator management software version 1.4.1 supports new hardware, software enhancements, and fixes.

Additional hardware support

There is no additional hardware that is supported in this version.

For support and limitations information for manageable devices (such as servers, switches, storage, and CMMs) and other I/O devices and options, see the following compatibility pages for each device type:


Refer to the change history file (*.chg) that is provided in the update package for information about fixes.

Software enhancements

This version supports the following enhancements to the management software.
Function Description
Installation and setup Upgrading XClarity Administrator to version 2.0.0 requires migrating all data and settings from XClarity Administrator v1.4.1. If you are running version 1.4.0 or earlier, you must first update XClarity Administrator to v1.4.1 (see Migrating to Lenovo XClarity Administrator v2.0.0).