Adding a server console to remote-control session

You can add one or more servers consoles to the current remote-control session.


To add one or more servers consoles to the current remote-control session, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Remote Control window, click the New Session icon (New server session icon).

    A dialog is displayed with a list of available chassis and rack servers that are managed by Lenovo XClarity Administrator and that your user account has permission to manage.

    Tip: If no servers are shown in the list, see Remote control issues for procedures to potentially resolve the issue.
  2. Select one or more servers to which you want to connect.

    You can filter the servers that are displayed by selecting a system type from the Type drop-down list and entering text (such as a system name or enclosure name) in the Filter field.

    You can select Select all to select all server in the list.

  3. Optional: Select Single-user mode to open an exclusive session to each selected server.

    If you select this option, all other remote-control sessions to the selected servers are blocked until you disconnect from the selected servers. This option is available only if there are no other remote-control sessions established to the selected servers.

    If you do not select this option, the multi-user mode is used by default.

  4. Click Connect.