Cannot connect to a server

Use this information to resolve the issue when you cannot establish a remote-control session with a server.

Complete the following steps to resolve this issue.
  1. Ensure that your local system has network connectivity and that it can connect to Lenovo XClarity Administrator.
  2. Ensure that the server is being managed by XClarity Administrator by clicking Hardware > Servers from the XClarity Administrator menu bar.
  3. If a firewall is installed on your local system, ensure that the firewall allows connections to the IP address for the managed server.
  4. Ping the IP address of the managed server to ensure that your local system has connectivity to the managed server. If you are attempting to access a managed server from a local system that has an IP address from an external network, the managed server must also have an IP address that can be accessed externally.
  5. Ensure that XClarity Administrator tunneling has not been disabled so that XClarity Administrator can tunnel your remote-control requests to the managed server that is network addressable only on the private management network. Tunneling is enabled by default.

    You can enable XClarity Administrator tunneling from the remote-support Preferences dialog on the Security tab. For more information, see Setting remote-control preferences.