Remote-control session does not start

Use this information when you attempt to start the remote-control session from the Lenovo XClarity Administrator web interface or from the shortcut on your system, but it does not start.

To resolve the issue, complete the following steps.
  1. Ensure that the server to which you are connecting is managed by XClarity Administrator. and is in the Online or Normal state. For more information about server status, see Viewing the status of a managed server.
  2. Ensure that pop-up dialogs are not disabled in your web browser for the session.
  3. Ensure that your web browser has accepted security certificates from XClarity Administrator. Typically, you are prompted to accept the certificate the first time that you access XClarity Administrator from your browser.
  4. From the Remote Control window, click Preferences > General > Synchronize with management server, and wait for one minute. Then, open the remote control session again.

  5. Ensure that you are using the supported JRE to start the application.
    • In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Ensure that the correct JRE is selected (JRE version 7.0, update 18 or later).
    • In Firefox, click Tools > Options > Applications. Ensure that Java Web Start Launcher is associated with the JNLP content type.
    Note: Ensure that the Use SSL 2.0 compatible ClientHello format option is not selected in the in Java Control Panel.

    If you are starting the application from the shortcut on your desktop, ensure that your local system has connectivity to XClarity Administrator. The application validates your user ID with the XClarity Administrator authentication server.

  6. Clear the Java Web Start cache on the local system. To clear the Java Web Start cache on a system that is running a Windows operating system, run the command javaws -uninstall. This can also be done from the Windows Control Panel in the JAVA menu.
  7. Remote control requires that a Features on Demand key for ThinkServer System Manager Premium Upgrade is installed on ThinkServer servers. For more information about FoD keys that are installed on your servers, see Viewing Features on Demand keys .