Creating a custom role group

A role group is a set of roles and a set of users that are members of the same set of roles. The level of access that is granted to each user in the role group is based on the roles that are assigned to that role group. XClarity Administrator provides the following predefined role groups, which correspond to each of the predefined roles. You can also create custom role groups.

About this task

Each XClarity Administrator user must be a member of at least one role group.

The following role groups are predefined in XClarity Administrator.

The following predefined roles are reserved and cannot be used to create new role groups or assigned to new users.
  • lxc-sysrdr
  • lxc-sysmgr


To create a role group, complete the following steps.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Security.
  2. Click Role Groups under the Users and Groups section to display the Group Management page.
  3. Click the Create icon (Create icon) to create a role group. The Create New Role Group dialog is displayed.
  4. Enter a group name and description.
    Note: For the group name, you can use letters, numbers, white space, underscore, dashes, and periods.
  5. Select one or more roles to assign to this role group.
  6. Select one or more users as members of this role group.
  7. Click Create. The new role group is added to the table on the Group Management page.


The role group is displayed in the Role Groups table. The table shows the associated authorization roles and the members for each role group.

Illustrates the Role Group Management page.
After you create a role group, you can perform the following actions on a selected role group:
  • Add or remove roles that are assigned to this role group by clicking the Edit icon (Edit icon).
  • Add or remove users as members of the role group (see Adding and removing multiple users from a role group).
  • Export information about the role groups, including access permissions, by clicking All Actions > Export as CSV.
  • Delete the role group by clicking the Delete icon (Delete icon).

    You cannot delete predefined role groups.

After a role group is created, edited, or deleted, the change is immediately provisioned to each managed device.