Deleting a server profile

You can delete only server profiles that have been deactivated.

Before you begin

Ensure that the server profiles to be deleted are deactivated (see Deactivating a server profile).


To delete a server profile, complete the following steps

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Provisioning > Server Profiles. The Configuration Patterns: Server Profiles page is displayed.
  2. Select the server profile that is in the Deactivated state.
    Tip: The current state of the server profile is listed in the Profile Status column.
  3. Click the Delete icon (Delete icon).
    Note: When you delete the most recently created profile, any virtual MAC or WWN address is released from the address pool. If you delete a profile that is not the most recently created, the virtual MAC and WWN addresses are not released from the address pool.