Deploying a server pattern to a placeholder chassis

You can deploy a server pattern to each bay in a placeholder chassis. Deploying a server pattern before the servers are installed in the Flex System chassis creates a server profile for each server bay in the chassis and reserves management IP addresses and virtual Ethernet or Fibre Channel addresses.


Complete the following steps to deploy a server pattern to a placeholder chassis.

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Provisioning > Server Configuration Patterns. The Server Configuration Patterns page is displayed.
  2. Click the Server Patterns tab.
  3. Select the server pattern that you want to deploy to the placeholder chassis.
  4. Click the Deploy icon (Deploy pattern icon). The Deploy Server Pattern dialog is displayed with a list of available chassis and placeholder chassis.
  5. Select Deferred from the Activation list.
  6. Click Show Empty Bays.
  7. Choose one or more placeholder chassis bays to which you want to deploy the server pattern.
  8. Click Deploy. A dialog is displayed that lists the deployment status of each selected bay.
  9. Click Deploy again to start the deployment process.

    A server profile is created and assigned for each selected bay in the placeholder chassis.

    Note: Deployment can take several minutes to complete
  10. Click Close.

After you finish

You can monitor the deployment progress by clicking Monitoring > Jobs from the XClarity Administrator menu bar. You can also monitor the server-profile creation by clicking Provisioning > Server Profiles. After the deployment is complete, review the generated server profiles, and record the management IP address and any virtualized Ethernet or Fibre-Channel addresses.

After the Flex System chassis is physically installed in the rack and then discovered and managed by XClarity Administrator, you can deploy the placeholder chassis to provision all servers in the chassis (see Deploying a server pattern to a placeholder chassis).