Managing energy and temperature

You can monitor and manage the power consumption and temperature of Converged, NeXtScale, System x, and ThinkServer servers, and improve energy efficiency using Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager.

About this task

XClarity Administrator is a standalone user interface that you can use to monitor and manage the power consumption and temperature of supported servers, including:
  • Monitoring energy consumption, estimating the power demand, and reallocating power to servers as needed.

  • Monitoring the temperature and cooling capacity of servers.

  • Sending notifications when certain events occur or when thresholds are exceeded.

  • Limiting the amount of energy that a device consumes using policies.

  • Optimizing energy efficiency by monitoring real-time inlet temperatures, identifying low-usage servers based on out-of-band power data, measuring power rangers for different server models, and evaluating how servers accommodate new workloads based on the availability of resources.

  • Reducing the power consumption to a minimum level to prolong service time during an emergency power event (such as a data-center power failure).

For more information about how to download, install, and use XClarity Administrator, see Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager website.