Recovering a System x or NeXtScale M4 server that was not unmanaged correctly by using the management controller

You can recover management of a System x or NeXtScale M4 server by using the baseboard management-controller (BMC).


Complete the following steps to recover server management. of a server that uses Lenovo XClarity Administrator managed authentication.

  1. Log in to the management-controller web interface using the user account and password that you created before the server was managed by XClarity Administrator
  2. Clear SNMP trap settings.
    1. Click the IMM Management > Network.
    2. Click the SNMP tab.
    3. Click the Communities tab,
    4. Locate the community entry for the previous XClarity Administrator, fox example.
      • LXCA IP address:

      • LXCA host: LXCA_maqCBIt86d

      • Community 2:

      • Community name: LXCA_maqCBIt86d

      • Access type: Trap

      • Allow specific hosts to receive traps on this community:

    5. Remove the value in the fields for the community entry.
    6. Click Apply.
  3. Clear the user accounts.
    1. Click the IMM Management > Users.
    2. Click the User Accounts tab.
    3. Delete all user accounts that are XClarity Administrator, including user accounts with the following prefixes:
      • DISABLE_*

      • LXCA_*

      • OBSOLETE_*


What to do next

After XClarity Administrator is restored or replaced, you can manage the System x or NeXtScale server again (see Managing servers). All information about the server (such as network settings, server policies, and firmware compliance policies) is retained.