Recovering a ThinkServer server management that was not unmanaged correctly by using the management controller interface

You can recover management of a ThinkServer server by using the management controller web interface.


Complete the following steps to recover the server management.

  1. Log in to the management controller web interface for the server as an administrator (see Launching the management controller interface for a server).
  2. Remove the IPMI accounts created by Lenovo XClarity Administrator by selecting Users in the main menu and then removing all the user accounts with the LXCA_ prefix.

    Alternatively, you can rename the account user name, and remove the LXCA_ prefix.

  3. Remove SNMP trap destinations by selecting PEF Management in the main menu, click the LAN Destination tab, and remove the entry that points to the IP address of the XClarity Administrator instance.
  4. Verify you have valid NTP settings by selecting NTP Settings in the main menu, and then either configuring the date and time manually or providing a valid NTP server address.