Storage management considerations

Before managing a storage device, review the following important considerations.

For information about port requirements, see Port availability.

Important: Ensure that the following requirements are met before discovering and managing rack storage devices (other than ThinkSystem DE series). For more information, see Cannot discover a device and Cannot manage a device.
  • The network configuration must allow SLP traffic between XClarity Administrator and the rack storage device.

  • Unicast SLP is required.

  • Multicast SLP is required if you want XClarity Administrator to discover the Lenovo Storage devices automatically. In addition, SLP must be enabled on the rack storage device.

  • Multicast UDP is required if you want XClarity Administrator to discover Nimble storage devices and retrieve basic information. To verify that your network configuration allows multicast UDP traffic, use any client that is capable of browsing for mDNS or DNS-SD services (such as a zeroconf or avahi-browse client) to ensure that it can find the Nimble storage devices. The client must be run on a system in the same subnet as the XClarity Administrator instance.

    Note: Discovering and managing devices using bulk import does not require multicast UDP.

For Lenovo Storage devices, the system-level air temp is measured by the temperature sensor closest to the mid-plane of the system and reflects the ambient temperature after the airflow passes through the drives. Note that the air temperature that is reported by XClarity Administrator and the management controller might differ if the temperature is captured at different points in time.

For some storage devices, SNMP traps are in English only.