Launching the management controller interface for a storage device

You can launch the management controller web interface for the chassis in which the storage device is installed from Lenovo XClarity Administrator.


To launch a management controller web interface, complete the following steps.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Hardware > Storage. The Storage page is displayed with a tabular view of all managed storage devices.

    You can sort the table columns to make it easier to find specific storage devices. In addition, enter text (such as a device name or IP address) in the Filter field to further filter the storage devices that are displayed.

    Illustrates the list of managed storage devices in the Storage page.
  2. Select the storage device.
  3. Click Actions > Launch > Management Web Interface. The management controller web interface is started.
  4. Log in to the management controller interface.
    Note: For Flex System storage devices, use the XClarity Administrator user credentials.