Managing storage devices

Lenovo XClarity Administrator can manage several types of storage, including Lenovo Storage, Nimble, and Flex System storage systems.

Before you begin

Attention: Review the storage-management considerations before managing a storage device. For information, see Storage management considerations.
Note: Flex System storage devices are discovered and managed automatically when you manage the chassis that contains them. You cannot discover and managed Flex System storage devices independent of the chassis.

Review the management considerations before managing a device. For information, see Management considerations.

Certain ports must be available to communicate with devices. Ensure that all required ports are available before you attempt to manage storage devices. For information about ports, see Port availability.

Ensure that the minimum required firmware is installed on each storage device that you want to manage using XClarity Administrator. For information about firmware requirements, see Supported firmware.

Important: Ensure that the following requirements are met before discovering and managing rack storage devices (other than ThinkSystem DE series). For more information, see Cannot discover a device and Cannot manage a device.
  • The network configuration must allow SLP traffic between XClarity Administrator and the rack storage device.

  • Unicast SLP is required.

  • Multicast SLP is required if you want XClarity Administrator to discover the Lenovo Storage devices automatically. In addition, SLP must be enabled on the rack storage device.

  • Multicast UDP is required if you want XClarity Administrator to discover Nimble storage devices and retrieve basic information. To verify that your network configuration allows multicast UDP traffic, use any client that is capable of browsing for mDNS or DNS-SD services (such as a zeroconf or avahi-browse client) to ensure that it can find the Nimble storage devices. The client must be run on a system in the same subnet as the XClarity Administrator instance.

    Note: Discovering and managing devices using bulk import does not require multicast UDP.

About this task

XClarity Administrator can automatically discover storage devices in your environment by probing for manageable devices that are on the same IP subnet as XClarity Administrator. To discover storage devices that are in other subnets, specify an IP address or range of IP addresses, or import information from a spreadsheet.

After the storage devices are managed by XClarity Administrator, XClarity Administrator polls each managed storage device periodically to collect information, such as inventory, vital product data, and status. You can view and monitor each managed storage device and perform management actions (such as configuring system settings, updating firmware, and powering on and off).

A device can be managed by only one XClarity Administrator instance at a time. Management by multiple XClarity Administrator instances is not supported. If a device is managed by one XClarity Administrator, and you want to manage it with another XClarity Administrator, you must first unmanage the device on the initial XClarity Administrator, and then manage it with the new XClarity Administrator. If an error occurs during the unmanagement process, you can select the Force management option during management on the new XClarity Administrator.

Note: When scanning the network for manageable devices, XClarity Administrator does not know whether a device is already managed by another manager until after it attempts to manage the device.
Attention for Flex System V7000 Storage:
  • Management of Flex System storage devices by XClarity Administrator is limited. You can view status and detailed information for the storage devices, power on and off the storage device, virtually reseat the storage device, and launch the CMM for the chassis in which the storage device is installed. However, to perform other actions on a storage device (such as updating or configuring the storage device), you must use the management controller web interface or the command-line interface (CLI) for the storage device.

  • You can use Flex System Manager to manage Flex System storage devices. However, you cannot use Flex System Manager and XClarity Administrator to manage storage devices in the same chassis at the same time.

  • For more information about using the management controller web interface for Flex System storage devices, see Flex System Storage product documentation.


Complete one of the following procedures to manage your Lenovo Storage or Nimble storage systems using XClarity Administrator.

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