Powering on and off a storage device

You can power on and off a storage device from Lenovo XClarity Administrator.

About this task

For Flex System storage devices, when a storage controller is powered off, data is first stored on the internal drive and the storage device enters a standby state. In standby state, volumes that are provided by the storage device are no longer accessible.

To power on a ThinkSystem DM Series storage device, ensure that storage controller that is used for management is online and that its IP address is able to communicate directly to the service processor of the powered-off storage controller over the external network.


Complete the following steps to power on and off a managed storage device.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Hardware > Storage. The Storage page is displayed with a tabular view of all storage devices that are installed in managed chassis.

    You can sort the table columns to make it easier to find specific storage device. In addition, enter text (such as a system name or IP address) in the Filter field to further filter the storage devices that are displayed.

    Illustrates the list of managed storage devices in the Storage page.
  2. Select the storage device to be powered on or off.
  3. Click All Actions, and then click one of the following power actions:
    • Power On Controller A

    • Power On Controller B

    • Power off Controller A

    • Power off Controller B

    • Restart Controller A

    • Restart Controller B