Configuring management-server log settings

The log settings are used by Lenovo Support to adjust logging granularity only when needed.

About this task

Attention: Do not modify the settings on this page unless directed to do so by Lenovo Support.


Complete the following steps to configure log settings.

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support. The Service and Support page is displayed.
  2. Click Server Logging Settings in the left navigation to display the Server Logging Settings page.
  3. Adjust each setting as directed by Lenovo Support, and click Apply.

After you finish

From the Server Logging Settings page, you can also perform the following steps.
  • Download management-server log-configuration settings to the local system by clicking Download LogBack. The settings are downloaded to the default download directory as a file named logback.xml.
  • Restore the default settings by clicking Restore Defaults.
  • Import a configuration file by clicking Upload Configuration File and selecting the file that you want to import in XClarity Administrator. The file must be named logback.xml.
    Important: Only configuration files that were given to you by your Lenovo service technician should be imported and only by direction of the service technician.