Collecting and downloading service files for an unresponsive Lenovo XClarity Administrator

If Lenovo XClarity Administrator becomes unresponsive and cannot be recovered, you can collect and download service data and logs for that XClarity Administrator instance. Service data and logs are downloaded as a service file in tar.gz format to your local system

Before you begin

The following browsers are supported:
  • Chrome™ 48.0 or later (55.0 or above for Remote Console)

  • Firefox® ESR 38.6.0 or later

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Safari® 9.0.2 or later (IOS7 or later and OS X)

Ensure that you log in to the web interface from a system that has network connectivity to system on which XClarity Administrator is installed.


To collect and download service data or logs for an unresponsive XClarity Administrator instance, complete the following steps.

  1. Point your browser to the IP address of the XClarity Administrator virtual machine using the following URL.

    For example:
  2. Specify the service-recovery password in the passKey field.

    This is the password that you specified when you initially setup XClarity Administrator or changed the password on the Service Recovery Password tab on the Service and Support page (see Changing the service-recovery password).

  3. Select the types of files that you want to collected.
    • All Service Data. Collect all service files and management-server logs.

    • All Service Logs. Collect all management-server logs.

  4. Click Collect, and then use your web browser functions to save the file to your local system. The service data or log files are compressed into a single .tar.gz file before sending.