Inspecting service files

You can set up a service forwarder so that the service files must be inspected and accepted before the files are sent.

About this task

The Requires Attention column in the service-forwarder table identifies whether service files require inspection before they are forwarded to the service provider. If one or more service files are available for inspection, Yes is displayed in the column; otherwise, No is displayed.


Complete the following steps to forward specific service files to the service provider.

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support. The Service and Support page is displayed.
  2. Click Service Forwarders in the left navigation to display a table of service forwarders.
  3. Click the Yes link in the Requires Attention column to display the Required Attention dialog with a list of service files that require inspection.
  4. Select one or more the service files, and click Download to download and inspect the file.
  5. Select one or more the service files again, and click Accept to start the transfer of the file to the configured service provider.
    Note: If you choose Decline instead, the service files are removed from the Requires Attention dialog but remain in the repository until you delete them.