Re-enabling Call Home on all managed devices

When a Call Home service forwarder is enabled in Lenovo XClarity Administrator, Call Home is disabled on each managed device to avoid duplicate problem records from being created. If you intend to discontinue using XClarity Administrator to manage your devices or if you intend to disable Call Home in XClarity Administrator, you can re-enable Call Home on all managed devices from the XClarity Administrator in lieu of re-enabling Call Home for each individual device at a later time.

About this task

Attention: Re-enabling Call Home on all devices might not cause Call Home to become operational for those devices. Configuration might be required on each individual device if it had not been configured on those devices previously.

Although XClarity Administrator supports Call Home for ThinkAgile and ThinkSystem devices, the baseboard management controller for some ThinkAgile and ThinkSystem devices does not include Call Home support. Therefore, you cannot enable or disable Call Home on those devices themselves. Call Home can be enabled only for those devices at the XClarity Administrator level.


Complete the following steps to re-enable Call Home on all managed devices.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support. The Service and Support page is displayed.
  2. Click Service Forwarders in the left navigation to display the Service Forwarders page.
  3. Change the status for all Call Home service forwarders, including Default Call Home, to Disabled.
  4. Click Endpoint Actions in the left navigation to display the Endpoint Actions page.
  5. Click All Actions > Enable Call Home on all devices to enable Call Home on each managed device.