Reporting XClarity Administrator problems

When you submit a service request to report software (management server) problems, Lenovo XClarity Administrator opens a service ticket, collects service data from the management server, and sends the files to the Lenovo Support Center using Call Home. Opening a service ticket starts the process of determining a resolution to your software problems by making the pertinent information available to Lenovo Support quickly and efficiently. Lenovo service technicians can start working on your resolution as soon as you have completed and opened a service ticket.

Lenovo is committed to security. Service data that you would typically upload manually to Lenovo Support is automatically sent to the Lenovo Support Center over HTTPS using TLS 1.2 or later; your business data is never transmitted. Access to service data in the Lenovo Support Center is restricted to authorized service personnel

Before you begin

Attention: You must accept the Lenovo Privacy Statement before you can transfer data to Lenovo Support.

About this task

If a Call Home is already in progress when another Call Home is initiated, data is collected and sent to Lenovo Support for the first Call Home before data is collected and sent for the second Call Home. Therefore, there might be a delay in sending data for the second Call Home.


Complete the following steps to report a problem with XClarity Administrator.

After you finish

You can monitor open service tickets from the Service Ticket Status page (see Viewing service tickets and status).

You can attach additional files to the open service ticket after the problem is submitted.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support. The Service and Support page is displayed.

  2. Click Service Ticket Status in the left navigation to display the Service Ticket Status page.

  3. Select the service ticket.

  4. Click the Attach Service File, and then select the service-data archive or another file that you want to attach to the service ticket and send to Lenovo Support.