Sending periodic data to Lenovo

You can optionally allow XClarity Administrator to collect information about how you use the product and changes in your environment and to send that data to Lenovo on periodic basis. Lenovo uses this data to improve your experience with the Lenovo products and with Lenovo support.

Before you begin

Attention: You must accept the Lenovo Privacy Statement before you can transfer data to Lenovo Support.

About this task

You can collect and send the following types of data to Lenovo.

When data is sent to Lenovo, it is transmitted from the XClarity Administrator instance to the Lenovo Upload Facility using HTTPS. REST APIs are called over this HTTPS connection to send the data. A certificate that is pre-loaded on XClarity Administrator is used for authentication. If an XClarity Administrator instance does not have direct access to the Internet, and there is a proxy configured in XClarity Administrator, the data is transmitted through that proxy.

The data is then moved to the Lenovo Customer Care repository, where it is stored for up to 5 years. This repository is a secure location that is also used when debug data is sent to Lenovo to troubleshoot problems. It is used by most Lenovo server, storage, and switch products.

From the Lenovo Customer Care repository, queries are run on all hardware and usage data, and graphs are made available to the Lenovo product team for analysis.


Complete the following steps to allow XClarity Administrator to collect and send customer data to Lenovo.

  1. From the XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support. The Service and Support page is displayed.
    Illustrates the Hardware and Usage Data page.
  2. Click Periodic Data Upload in the left navigation to display the Periodic Data Upload page
  3. Optionally agree to send hardware and usage data to Lenovo
  4. Click Apply.

After you finish

You can perform the following actions from this page if you agreed to send data.