Getting bulletins from Lenovo

Lenovo continually updates the Support web site with announcements, including security alerts and impacts to online services. You can enable Lenovo to send these announcements to you as bulletins in the Lenovo XClarity Administrator web interface.

Before you begin

XClarity Administrator must have access to the Internet to receive announcements from Lenovo.

Ensure that a connection exists to the Internet addresses that are required by bulletins. For information about firewalls, see Firewalls and proxy servers.

About this task

Getting bulletins is enabled by default.

When enabled, Lenovo sends the following types of bulletins.
  • New releases of XClarity Administrator or firmware are available

  • Security alerts, such as vulnerabilities were found that affect firmware or the management server

  • Planned outages that impact Lenovo XClarity online services

You can view bulletins in several ways.
  • New bulletins are shown in pop-up messages in the XClarity Administrator web interface.

  • You can view a list of bulletins from the last 30 days from the Login page and by clicking the user-actions menu (Resources icon), and then clicking Lenovo Bulletins Service.

  • You can set up an email forwarder that enables the Include Bulletin events option to send bulletins to you through email (see Setting up event forwarding to an email service using SMTP).


Complete the following steps to enable receiving bulletins.

  1. From the Lenovo XClarity Administrator menu bar, click Administration > Service and Support, and then click Lenovo Bulletins Service in the left navigation to display the Lenovo Bulletin Service page.
  2. Select I agree to receive bulletins from Lenovo.
  3. Click Apply.