Setting up automatic problem notification to the Lenovo Upload Facility

You can create a service forwarder that automatically sends service data for any managed device to your Lenovo service technician using the Lenovo Upload Facility when certain serviceable events, such as an unrecoverable memory, are received from specific managed devices so that the issue can be addressed. This service forwarded is named Default Lenovo Upload Facility.

Before you begin

Attention: You must accept the Lenovo Privacy Statement before you can transfer data to Lenovo Support.

Ensure that all ports that are required by Lenovo XClarity Administrator are available before you set up a service forwarder. For more information about ports, see Port availability.

Ensure that a connection exists to the required Internet addresses are required by the Lenovo Upload Facility. For information about firewalls, see Firewalls and proxy servers.

If XClarity Administrator accesses the Internet through an HTTP proxy, ensure that the proxy server is configured to use basic authentication and is set up as a non-terminating proxy. For more information about setting up the proxy, see Configuring network access.

Note: If multiple service forwarders are set up for the same device, only one of the service forwarders transfers service data. The email and upload URL that is used depends on which service forwarder is triggered first.

About this task

A service forwarder defines information about where to send the service data files when a serviceable event occurs. You can define up to 50 service forwarders.

If a Lenovo Upload Facility service forwarder is configured but not enabled, you can manually transfer collected service files to the Lenovo Upload Facility at any time. For more information, see Transferring service files to Lenovo Support.


Complete the following steps to setup a service forwarder for the Lenovo Upload Facility.

What to do next

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